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Great Bembridge Paper Boat Race 2017

Saturday 29th July 2017

Saturday July 29th 2017 Last could be described as awful as far as the weather was concerned in that it rained extremely hard and what little wind there was unhelpfully was mostly Southerly; in other words the conditions were far from ideal! Nevertheless some 40 boats turned out for the races, 14 entered by Club members and a further 26 by visiting 'boaters' most of which were built at a successful boat building session organised by Fiona Thorpe supported by our Polly Schafer which took place on Friday evening. To quote from the report of the whole weekend by Fiona Thorpe;- "The Great Bembridge Paper Boat Race, despite the rain, the lack of wind, the sagging canopy, the self-inflating lifejacket, the necessary course changes, the afternoon was obviously hugely enjoyed by all who took part and/or looked on - everyone had great fun and that's what it's all about!!!!" As has been the case for several years now there was an amazing variety of interpretations of boat design that complied with the rules. Special mention must be made of "Golden Eye" entered by Carla Harrison and "Pringle" by Chris Lawrence for the best built boats by a Junior and Adult entrant respectively. A big vote of thanks must go to all those who helped in scrutineering, recording the results, dishing out life jackets and particularly to David Perchard who spent a great deal of time happily rowing round in the rain in his dinghy 'rescuing' the boats that ran into difficulties. Lastly congratulations go to the first three finishers of each of the three races that took place who were all presented with prizes by Fiona and Malcolm Thorpe kindly supplied by The Bembridge Harbour Authority in conjunction with the Toy Shop in Ryde.

Many thanks to Jonathan and Fran Hoare of and Paul Bowskill of the East Wight Photography Group for their fantastic images. More pictures here.

Robin Powell

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