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Training programme 2019

Sail Training Week 2019

These are the courses which we will be offering in Sail Training Week (29th July to 2nd August 2019.)

The emphasis this year will be on having fun whilst learning to sail and becoming a confident sailor. Please note that taking a course is not a guarantee that you will pass all of the components but you will definitely get elements signed off by your dinghy instructor.

Cadets must be 8 years old by 29th July 2019 to take part in the RYA courses.

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SA01/19 YSS Stage 1 & 2: £175

A combined YSS Stage 1 & 2 Course.

Aim: By the end of this course, the student will have a range of sailing skills and background knowledge. They will be well on their way to being a confident small boat sailor. If you have not done a lot of sailing and did this course last year, you may want to repeat it so that you are confident enough to go onto Stage 3.

This course will be completed in Oppies and H10s

SA02/19 YSS Stage 3: £195

YSS Stage 3 is the natural progression from Stage 2.

Aim: Having completed Stage 3 you will be able to sail in any direction, rig and launch your boat, with these skills and knowledge you are a sailor and not a beginner. This course will be conducted in Picos.

It is advisable that to progress onto this course, you have done some sailing beyond completing Stage 2. Also, you will need to be big enough to be able to sail a Pico by yourself. You can repeat this course to make sure you are confident enough to go onto Stage 4.

SA03/19 YSS Stage 4: £195

YSS Stage 4, this is the natural progression from Stage 3.

Aim: When you have completed Stage 4 you have the skills to sail a double-handed boat as crew and helm and solve a variety of problems afloat. This is the natural entry point to the advanced modules. It is advisable that you have completed some sailing beyond Stage 3 before starting Stage 4. It is possible to retake this course to improve your confidence.

This course will be completed in RS Fevas.

SA04/19 - NSS Level 1 & 2 Adults: £175

This course is for adults (16+) who want to learn to sail with likeminded beginners away from young eyes and their helpful comments.

Aim: An introduction to sailing, covering the RYA NSS Level 1 Start Sailing and NSS Level 2 Basic Skills modules. On completion of this course you will have the basic knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing without an instructor on board in light winds. Capsize recovery will be conducted in a controlled manner.

This course offers a variety of boats to sail including Swans, Bahia, maybe single handers and options around the 420.

SA05/19 Assistant Instructor

£ 50.00

This Assistant Instructors course is for those sailors , Cadets or Adults who wish to start on the Instructors ladder, by passing their skills and experience onto others. This is "on the job" training with additional separate instructor inputs as a group. Minimum standard is to have passed at least one of the National Sailing Schemes Advanced Modules and/or a recommendation from Principal/Chief Instructor.

Please note that cadets must be 14 yrs old by 29th July 2019 to do this course.

SA06/19 Hotshots: £195

This course will be available for cadets that hold stage 4 and above, it will be over 5 days.

These courses follow no specific RYA Stage but you will learn elements of the advanced modules (Sailing with Spinnakers, Seamanship, Start Racing). Your dinghy instructor will sign any elements off if appropriate.

You will be sailing in the RS Feva or 420s.

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