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Use the links on the left hand side of this page to get historical, current and forecast weather and sea conditions for the Solent region.

  • The BHYC Weather Panel on the right is a live feed from the Club's weather station, giving current wind speed and direction and temperature.  To see more parameters, click on the panel or use the menu at the left. Free apps which will permit you to connect your phone or tablet to the Club weather station are available from  The station ID is IBEMBRID4.
  • The Windycator map (link on left of this page) shows current wind speeds and directions in the Solent area.
  • St. Helens (Beach): For a comprehensive forecast including sea conditions click here.
  • The Shipping and Inshore Forecast links on the left of this page lead to the off-shore and inshore forecasts for the next 48 hours.
  • The Chimet and Bramblemet links give current and historical wind and sea state information near the Bramble bank and at the approach to Chichester harbour
  • The Bembridge link leads to detailed hourly and 10 day weather forecasts for our location.
  • The Surface Pressure link shows the evolution of high and low pressure areas and the movement of fronts over the UK for the next three days.
  • The Jet Stream link shows the forecast evolution of the jet stream for the next 10 days. Generally speaking, the further south and the faster the jet stream, the more violent is the UK weather.
Weather Underground PWS IBEMBRID4
This page last updated June 16th 2018

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